UK emergency 999 not working as people told ring 101

UK emergency 999 not working as people told ring 101

It comes as the service has lost connection to a number of police forces across the UK – including the Durham, Cleveland and Northumbria forces. 

The outage is being put down to a technical fault and it has not been confirmed what forces are currently being impacted. 

Read the update here: Police forces and other emergency services are able to receive 999 calls again

People have instead been urged to call 101 in an emergency for police and fire, or 111 in a medical emergency, after problems were reported this morning.

A post on the Northumbria Police Facebook page reads: “BT are experiencing issues all over the country with 999 lines – if you are trying to reach us and can not get through, please call 101 if it’s an emergency.

“Any non emergency situations should be reported online via our website to help keep our lines free.

And, as always, we ask you to #thinktwice before calling and consider if it’s a police matter. It might be another service such as your local council could be better placed to help or the answers you’re looking for could be found with a search engine check

“BT are trying to rectify these issues as soon as possible.

“Let’s all work together to ensure those most in need can get through to us quickly.”

A message in the Durham Police Facebook page adds: “We are working to get this resolved.”


Emergency 999 phone number not working 

In a Tweet shared by the Met Police, they said: “⚠️ Due to a technical fault that is impacting a number of police forces, many 999 calls are not connecting. 

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“📞 Until further notice, please call 101 in an emergency. 

“🚫 Please ONLY call in an emergency and please wait until later to make any 101 non-emergency calls.”

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Other forces across the country shared the same message, including Durham, Cleveland, Greater Manchester Police, Bedfordshire Police and South Wales Police. 

Police services are not the only ones impacted by the outage as Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue also tweeted telling people to call 111 for a medical emergency. 

Tweeting: “URGENT – the National 999 system is experiencing issues, in case of an emergency please contact Fire on 01413 979351 – dial 101 for police and 111 for medical emergency.”

  • June 25, 2023