Met Office predicts 40C temperatures could last for up to 14 days in July

Met Office predicts 40C temperatures could last for up to 14 days in July

By Olivia Jones and Dolly Busby and Sam Merriman

02:07 26 Jun 2023, updated 02:08 26 Jun 2023

  • Some are predicting last year’s record 40.3C could be surpassed this summer 

Brits should expect sweltering temperatures of up to 40C next month, as the Met Office predicts as many as five more heatwaves to come this summer.

Temperatures could even beat last year’s unprecedented 40.3C (105F), which was in Lincolnshire.

The Weather Company, the world’s biggest commercial forecaster, says further heatwaves are expected in early and late July, as well as two more in the first half of August – before hotting up yet again in September.

The Met Office said 40C (104F) is ‘not out of the question’, with temperatures boosted by hot continental air.

Met Office meteorologist Jonathan Vautrey said: ‘Towards the middle to the end of July there is an increasing chance that high pressure may become established.’

A sun-seeker enjoys in the sea on the Brighton coast in East Sussex where temperatures were barmy
(L-R) Mollie Fox, 23, Natalie Carter, 24, and Liam Rogan, 24, with a fourth friend pack up their things to leave early from Glastonbury after a scorching hot weekend
Pictured: People stand precariously close to crumbling cliff edge near Eastbourne, at Birling Gap

He told the Mirror that northern parts of the country are more likely to experience drier weather while southern parts may see showers and thunderstorms.

He added: ‘We can say there is a greater than normal chance of heat waves for the whole period of the middle to the end of July.

‘Because of the change in climate our extreme temperatures are continuously being pushed.

‘There is an increasing chance these extremes could get pushed further. We got 40C last year and before that happened no one thought there was an outside chance. There’s also a possibility we do continue to see those trends.’

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Britain recorded the joint hottest day of the year so far yesterday, with temperatures soaring to 32.2C in Coningsby, Lincolnshire, equalling the figure in Chertsey, Surrey, on June 10.

A heat health warning is in place which covers most of England until 9am on Monday.

The Met Office warned sun-lovers to enjoy the heat responsibly as a teenage girl died after being pulled from the sea and a grass fire was sparked in London.

The 15-year-old girl and a boy were airlifted to hospital off Cleethorpes beach in Lincolnshire on Saturday evening.

Humberside Police said: ‘We can confirm that a girl, aged 15, has sadly passed away following a multi-agency search to locate two missing children off the coast of Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire.’

The boy has since been discharged from hospital after receiving medical care.

Meanwhile, the London Fire Brigade said 10 fire engines and around 70 firefighters have been dispatched to tackle a grass blaze on Rammey Marsh in Enfield in the north of the city.

Around two hectares of grassland were alight on Sunday afternoon.

LONDON: Kayakers on Regent’s Canal in Regent’s Park enjoying the rays

LONDON: A sunseeker takes a selfie on Primrose Hill in London

ESSEX: The Met Office put a heat health warning in place, covering most of England, until Monday at 9am. Pictured: Sunbathers by the Thames Estuary in Southend

LONDON: Some areas could see 30-40mm of rainfall in 1-2 hours, but this is expected to ‘vary significantly, while some places are forecast to see hail up to 3cm in diameter along with strong, gusty winds, the Met Office said (pictured: a man in Hyde Park)

London’s New Wimbledon theatre cancelled a performance of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory the Musical due to sweltering temperatures.

Revellers at Glastonbury were spotted enjoying the heat over the weekend. Some designed makeshift showers out of plastic bags with holes in the bottom and others, desperate to find any shade, lounged under sheltered stages, equipped with handheld fans modified to also spray water.

Some even poured bottles of water over their heads and bartenders at the site reported many attendees were buying less alcohol due to the intensity of the heat. 

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And at the campsite, many ditched their stuffy tents and dragged mattresses outside to sleep in the open air.

Turning up the heat: The sun has been beating down on music lovers at Glastonbury this year
Hot, hot, hot: At Glastonbury, festival-goers were struggling in the 25C (77F) heat, but record-breaking temperatures exceeding this are predicted for July
Come rain…or shine: Festivalgoers find solace in the heat under the shade of their umbrellas
Keeping a cool head: One fan wraps his top around his face as temperatures soared on Saturday
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