I won £50,000 in Postcode Lottery and it’s going to change my family’s life

I won £50,000 in Postcode Lottery and it’s going to change my family’s life

AN EMOTIONAL mum has hit the lottery jackpot – and revealed how she’ll spend the money to transform the life of her severely-disabled teenage daughter.

Mother-of-two Nichola pocketed a £55,000 share of her neighbourhood’s “Millionaire Street” prize in the People’s Postcode Lottery.

Postcode Lottery winner Nichola was given her cheque by TV star Matt JohnsonCredit: Postcode Lottery

She told how the windfall will make a major difference for 13-year-old daughter Ava, who suffers from a genetic disorder so rare it doesn’t even have a name.

The family have been wanting to move for four years after being unable to win planning permission to adapt their home for Ava’s needs.

But now supermarket cafe worker Nichola has new hope, after she and neighbours in Dukinfield, Greater Manchester, got lucky.

Their SK16 5AZ postcode was announced as the latest “Millionaire Street” winner, with each ticket bagging £55,555 – and one player even doubled her money with two.

Ava was born with a chromosome abnormality, as well as holes in her heart, which have left her non-verbal and with severe learning disabilities.

She has curvature of the spine, cannot walk without help and has to be force-fed.

She has survived into her teens – despite doctors’ predictions – but her family have struggled to adapt their semi-detached to better suit her.

Nichola said: “Ava’s condition is so rare, it doesn’t have a name.

“Most pregnancies [of this kind] either miscarry or are stillborn and doctors didn’t expect her to still be with us at this age. She likes to keep us all on our toes.”

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Nichola and creative director husband Paul had to turn part of their dining room into a bedroom for Ava as she got older, but were unable to win planning permission for a downstairs wet room.

The lottery win will massively help, however.

Nichola said: “We’ll use this to move into a home that’s more suitable for Ava’s needs.

“I’ve been on Rightmove every day for the last four years.

“I want to give Ava her own bedroom with a dressing table, just like every 13-year-old girl wants.

“This has given us a bit of hope and a little bit of happiness. It feels like it’s within our reach now – I feel a bit lighter.”

Other spending plans could include a Spanish holiday and driving tuition for son James.

Nichola, who gave up her career in design 13 years ago to become Ava’s carer, said: “James has just finished his exams and he’s done so well – I’m so proud of him.

“I think he deserves some driving lessons when the time comes.”

And she added: “A little trip to Spain would be nice – I’ve been practicing my Spanish for a few years.

“Whether or not we can go as a family is yet to be seen – it might just be a girls’ trip.

“I’m still in shock. I can’t believe we’ve won that amount of money. It’s going to be so useful, that it’s hard not to get emotional.”

Other winners on the street include neighbour Pam, who cashed in to the tune of £111,110 after playing with two tickets.

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Horse-loving retired library assistant Pam now plans to treat her sister to a Wild West adventure, saying: “I’d love to go to America, see the Grand Canyon and stay on a ranch.

“I’ve four horses too – Princess, Mable, Georgie Girl and Meg. They’ll get a treat.

“My daughter Jennifer is already putting her order in for what to spend it on too.”

Also receiving cheques for £55,555 were intensive care nurse Sarah as well as married couple Michael and Barbara who want to mark their ruby wedding anniversary with a trip along Route 66 in the US this October.

Maternity support worker Emma is also planning an anniversary holiday with her winnings, visiting the Dominican Republic with water board worker husband Michael to mark 10 years married.

She said: “We’ll be able to splash out – I might even get my own speedboat. It’s a dream come true.”

People in Dukinfield previously shared a £3m jackpot in the monthly Postcode Millions draw five years ago.

Manchester United supporter Paul scooped £2,000 then but now has another £55,555 which he says he will put towards a holiday in Spanish resort Benidorm with wife Julie and another trip to Italy.

He said: “I’ve always wanted to go to Rome to try the Italian food and wine and now the Postcode Lottery has given me that opportunity.”

His eldest daughter Charlotte missed out, however, after ditching the winning postcode when she moved to another area and signed up there instead.

But Julie insisted: “She’s happy for us – she said, ‘It’s just my luck’.”

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People’s Postcode Lottery presenters Danyl Johnson, a former X Factor contestant, and TV host Matt Johnson handed over the cheques.

Matt said: “We had a delightful day in Dukinfield.

“It’s incredibly special to see neighbours winning together.”

The People’s Postcode Lottery, which began in 2005, gives £1m pounds to Brits each week, based entirely on where they live.

Recent winners include a mum-of-two who lives in Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire but intends spending her new money on returning home to her native city, Scotland’s capital Edinburgh.

A blind former Royal Marine from Chelmsford in Essex, who scooped £400,000, told how he had his late wife to thank for setting up the winning ticket before tragically passing away from cancer.

A teaching assistant and a receptionist were among residents in Lancaster in Lancashire who shared £3.2m, while four members of one Scunthorpe family pocketed £55,550 apiece earlier this month.

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Meanwhile, a former nurse won £400,000 on the People’s Postcode Lottery – but her sister who lives just downstairs in Mitcham, south London, got nothing.

The People’s Postcode Lottery costs £12 a month to play, with a minimum of 33 per cent from each ticket going to charity.

Neighbours in Dukinfield, Greater Manchester, are now sharing a £1m prizeCredit: Postcode Lottery
Intensive care nurse Sarah was taken aback by her jackpot windfallCredit: Postcode Lottery
Married couple Julie and Paul are off to Spanish resort Benidorm – and he fancies italy’s capital Rome too – after getting their cheque from Danyl JohnsonCredit: Postcode Lottery
Michael and Ruby intend to hit America’s Route 66 for their 40th anniversaryCredit: Postcode Lottery
  • June 25, 2023