Huddersfield train station named ‘worst for cancellations’ in UK

Huddersfield train station named ‘worst for cancellations’ in UK

Huddersfield Station has been revealed to have the worst record for cancellations in England, with around one in six trains not running (15%).

This comes as Channel 4 launches an investigation into the privatised railways, which cost £64.3 billion more to run than if British Rail had remained in charge.

Rail enthusiast Ben Elton travelled from London to Manchester and then on to Huddersfield and Durham, investigating the truth behind the constant delays and cancellations, and broken promises of upgrades and track replacements across the railway network.

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Ben Elton said following the investigation with Channel 4: “30 years ago we were promised the improvements our railways needed would be achieved through dynamic capitalism, while relieving the taxpayer of the burden of supporting the network.”

He discovered that even before the pandemic, the government was handing over three times as much cash to the railways in real terms as it did in the days of British Rail. Despite this, privatisation train fares have increased by almost fifty per cent.

Huddersfield Railway Station(Image: Kristian Johnson / Reach plc)

He continued: “Privatisation means we’ve stopped having our railways run badly by our own government, so we can enjoy the privilege of having them run even worse by someone else’s.”

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  • June 25, 2023