How one Preston man’s DIY accident led to an ‘out of the blue’ cancer diagnosis

How one Preston man’s DIY accident led to an ‘out of the blue’ cancer diagnosis

A couple have taken life into their own hands after a shock diagnosis that “came out of the blue”.

In 2020, Steve Brown from Preston was building a fence panel outside his home and suddenly experienced a sharp pain. At the time, he was talking to someone with a cup of tea and forgot his DIY project was there and accidentally walked into it.

This started off with a pain in his side and as the agony worsened, Steve assumed he had broken a rib. Ultimately, this led the 50-year-old to visit A&E, with doctors thinking he’d had a blood cot. However, a few days later after a scan, medical experts noticed an anomaly with his kidney and things turned a lot more sinister than first expected.


After the coronavirus lockdown had just begun, Steve Brown visited the hospital and was given life-changing news. The 50-year-old promised the doctor he’d return in an hour for an emergency CT scan, but before then, he had to tell his wife Claire, what he had just found out.

Steve told Claire, 43, that he had cancer which had spread, with the doctors saying the outlook wasn’t good. As Claire took in the news, her face turned to that of sheer panic and let out a primal, panicked noise that only someone in deep pain can muster.

As the timing of Steve’s diagnosis coincided with the coronavirus pandemic, Claire reflects on the fact she was unable to accompany her husband to his appointments. “I’d sit outside the hospital and stuff like that, or sit at home and wait,” Claire stated.

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  • June 25, 2023