Fitness Model Sophie Larissa Weiss Wants To Train Elon Musk For Mark Zuckerberg Fight

Fitness Model Sophie Larissa Weiss Wants To Train Elon Musk For Mark Zuckerberg Fight

Fitness model Sophie Larissa Weiss, who gets paid to beat men up in her living room, is looking to expand her business. The fitness girl and mixed martial arts lover wants to do some fighter training on the side. This part of her business isn’t for just anyone.

So the losers who like to pay good money to get dominated by fit women will have to go elsewhere if they want to learn how to fight. This offer is only for those with some name recognition. Like Elon Musk, who recently challenged Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to a fight.

Fitness model Sophie Larissa Weiss wants to train Elon Musk for Mark Zuckerberg fight
Fitness model wants to train Elon Musk (Image Credit: Sophie Larissa Weiss)

Sophie wants to teach Musk some of her “dirty moves.” Unlike Jake Paul, who she offered to teach “a thing or two” after his loss to Tommy Fury, she’s a fan of the Twitter owner.

If Dana White can put the fight together she would like to bring Musk out to her home in Barnsley and help teach him how to avoid being choked out by Zuckerberg. She’s predicting a loss for the 51-year-old billionaire, but a loss by disqualification if she can provide some assistance.

“I’d say Zuckerberg would win because he trains BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and the skinny weedy guys are usually the ones to watch,” she told the Daily Star. “They are very fast, skilled and aggressive and they give everyone a hard time on the mats.”

Sophie then went on to describe Zuckerberg as having the look of her typical client and how she would help Musk learn how to deal with his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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“I would just show him all the illegal moves,” she added. “He will probably get disqualified but at least he won’t get choked senseless and lose that way.”

Whether He Trains With Sophie Larissa Weiss Or Not, Let’s Hope We Get A Musk vs Zuckerberg Fight

So how much would her training sessions on how to get disqualified cost Musk? Sophie’s willing to train him for a million pounds (a little more than $1.2 million).

That seems a bit steep, even for a billionaire, but according to Sophie the experience would be “worth every penny” to Musk, who she admitted to finding attractive.

“Is it bad that I find Elon kinda hot?,” she asked. “I’m not even sure what it is about him but hot in a weird way. I guess the most attractive thing about Elon is that massive wallet.”

A massive wallet seems to have a way of making people more attractive. But Sophie isn’t limiting herself to the Twitter side of the fight card.

If Zuckerberg wants to test his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills against her, she’s more than willing to have a match with him for her customers’ entertainment.

There’s probably a billionaire or two out there who would shell out that kind of money for a training session with a fitness model. I doubt Elon Musk is one of them.

  • June 25, 2023