Amazing recreation of Torquay childhood photograph 60 years on

Amazing recreation of Torquay childhood photograph 60 years on

A Manchester man who used to holiday in Torquay 60 years ago came back to the exact spot where he took a photo at the harbour to recreate the photo of his younger self. Geoff recounted memories of what he did during his South West holidays, including watching the Gulls play a match at Plainmoor Stadium.

Though a lot has changed in the area since, there are also some amazing similarities that live on still decades later.

Geoff said: “As a family, we occasionally look through our photo albums, some of which go back to my childhood, and in doing so I happened to notice a holiday snap where I’m shown in a harbour. Having examined it in detail I realised that it had been taken in Torquay, and so on visiting this week with my wife and boys, we decided to recreate the photo.

“I was most interested in making the comparison of the buildings and shops in the background between today and 60 years ago. I was struck by the fact that most of the buildings at ground level are exactly the same, with an odd exception. The main differences are in the levels above ground level where there has obviously been a lot of new development over the years. I notice there are many more boats nowadays, and that the bollard has had a lick of blue paint!”

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The original photo from 1963(Image: Geoff)
Geoff at the exact same place in Torquay harbour 60 years on in 2023(Image: Geoff)

Today we see there are many more boats in Torquay than there used to be and the most glaring difference is the addition of the group of large apartment blocks above the marina.

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Geoff spoke about his old family holidays. He said: “I’m born and bred in Manchester, aged 74, born in 1949, and through my childhood, every first week of August, families traditionally took their holiday at a UK resort. In my case, this included taking the train with my parents to Bournemouth, Brighton, and Torquay, for our southern holidays.

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  • June 25, 2023